The StyrofoamExpert makes it possible for companies and municipalities to recycle their Styrofoam. StyrofoamExpert ensures rental of press machine (Gizma) handling, transport and that the Styrofoam is recycled into new products instead of being burned.

That's how it works

"WMS All-inclusive", it cannot be easier: includes rental of Gizma, service of Gizma, transport, collection and remuneration for the Styrofoam.

If you press the Styrofoam yourself, the StyrofoamExpert will compensate you according to the agreed price for the material.

In order to receive your Styrofoam, you need to ensure that it is meeting the following conditions:

• The Styrofoam must be clean, and not contain wood, metal or other extraneous material. 

• If the Styrofoam comes from construction / demolition / renovation work, this must be      consulted with WMS before delivery to FrigolitExpert to secure that the Styrofoam can be recycled.

When booking and asking questions:

Booking and / or questions can be sent to or call 0733-010207